29 June -01 July 2018 


Govinda Valley Retreat Centre, 51 Lady Carrington Rd Otford 2508 NSW Australia


Govinda Valley is situated approximately 60-70 minutes (by car), or 50 minutes by train, south of Sydney CBD, in Otford (near Helensburgh). Check the website for further directions

Sacred space of the heart is a three day course/retreat into the depths of the energy centers. In this workshop we will be exploring and learning all 13 energy centers and energy fields(including activations) using tools to read energy fields(Sacred geometry), a Sacred meditation technique into the heart both male and female way, understanding of the human behavior patterns and how it impacts our energy centers and the mind

This workshop also consists of Tai Chi, Yoga, Zen meditation, meditation with crystals, teachings of crystals grids, Sound healing using various tools, teachings of sacred symbols and its uses (especially healing), mantras, mudras and the importance of affirmations, various ancient breathing techniques such as Tao 7 step breathing, daylight breathing/Solar breathing, ancient walking technique and Pat on meridian technique to open up all blocked channels in the body..

Our workshop is suited for advanced teachers/practitioners that’s been on this spiritual journey for a long time and have been practicing/learning/teaching for quite sometime. If you’re a spiritual teacher, yogi, life coach, healer and or just someone thats been following a spiritual life and is interested in advancing their knowledge in this area please come and join our group!

There will be lots of other fun activities in this workshop such as spiritual painting, dowsing, physical activities etc.

On 28th June , at 4pm-6:30pm  Arrival and registration,  3 days workshop

On 29th, 30th June – 1st July 2018.

Contact email:

The reason why you are receiving this letter is because the content of the course in June is very serious, so the number of students is limited and you are the student that I give notice of priority. Please once you’ve received this notice reply to me to confirm within 10 days. This helps us to facilitate space for other students that are eager to attend this course. Thank you for your cooperation.

Two teacher: Jasmine, Kadiliya


Jasmine is a teacher and a mind/body therapist, she has the qualification in Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy, Tibetan Bowl therapy/ Teacher, NLP/ timeline, Reiki Master /Teacher, TFT Algorithms, Angel Intuitive, Crystal Therapy and Orion-Theta Therapy and Diploma of Massage Therapy, and she is qualified to teach Sound Therapy, Meditation, Crystal Healing and Energy Movement and Wisdom/Chanting/Mudras. She has combined this wisdom to help people toward their inner harmony, and he rejuvenating and healing for the body. Mind and soul.

Kadiliya Alil

Kadiliya is a gifted medium that was born with a range of extra sensory abilities including Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience. Trained and practiced in a number of healing modalities from multiple disciplines and traditions, her wide range of influences allows her to relate with people from all backgrounds; she has been using her unique gifts to help other people on their own paths for over a decade. She has traveled the planet and even other dimensions working to develop her natural talent and uses her gifts to help others awaken on their own paths through various techniques.

Contact Details

0423 954 336 Tina)

0483 336 341  (Jasmine)

WeChat ID:naaa_0 Tina



Retreat Preparation

Please be sure to do the following before attending the retreat:

⇒ Three days before eat (light food and more vegetable)

⇒ Please notice  you have to require special foods. ( advice before 15 days retreat )

⇒ Tell family and close friends you will be on a retreat and there will be no mobile contact or communications.

If contact required please ask them to contact Jasmine’s mobile 0483 336 341

What You Need To Bring For Retreat

⇒  Wear comfortable clothes and shoes for 2 days.

⇒  Bring notice book and pen.

⇒  Bring your yoga met / meditation cushion.

⇒ Your bowls, drum and favourite crystal, crystal Gird, (Inner Child,)  108 beads .

⇒  A Towel or two


What to Expect During the retreat

⇒  During retreat weekend you can expect to feel the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of detoxification

After The Retreat 

⇒    “Theory and practise in meditation”


⇒  We have a three vegetarian meals a day,  Please advise us of any particular

food is not to your liking.

⇒  This is a process towards the illumining factor of my last lesson before  seclusion.

“A Tortoise navigates her way home where the heart resides”.

Retreat Program

We invite you to join in our Trust family.

We are in a deserved and wonderful creation of life leading the way to liberation in this peaceful Govinda Valley.

For all to clarify a true vision of ourselves, one should be detached from limited thoughts.

Together sharing energy techniques that you can use to help shift blockages

and create more of a positive outcome for your journey. Feeling vibration and be loyal and sincere with yourself.

1. Secret of 4 levels of Meditative meanings and entering profound peace,  

        Identify the limitations and formulate your soul and body.

2. Using 4 Elements to cleanse & energise, entering synchronised harmony by the universal sound           

3. Integration of Galaxy, Planets, Sun, Moon, Stars. Unification of the

        Universe with a liberating divine Sound.                  

4. Identifying with the secret of soothing Sounds within and beyond the “Who I am?” the unique, 

       “Finding your Roots”   and the being of peace and harmony with all living spiritual souls. 

In order to encounter the ancient wisdom and its spiritual pureness of energy, one must eliminate doubts, the concerning of your true identities also acknowledge the truth and the love in you. Making an entrance unifying purity and trust in the divine leading to eternal life. This release will enable an angelic connection with the divine essence.

Learn 24 hours Meditation techniques to maintain this important equilibrium.

All inclusive for your own personal growth  experience.

 Atlantis Halo, Pyramid energy, Dos healing,  Pranayama meditation, Breathing, Chanting , Mudra, Crystal Girds,  Reiki energy and Makarba meditation, Sound , Tibetan bowls , Gong, Tai Qi, Yoga, Chakra,  Aura, Acu-Point pressure  and Essential oil of Arts techniques eg……

Jasmine shares her blessings as always with you on this fruitful holiday, resulting in no energy wasted. Regarding integrate of physical and spiritual in Liberation.  And filter information from spirit realm, and the greater universe. New Profile which gives to understanding and Belief the reason we chose a lifetime on Planet Earth.  Cleansing the Blockage this will enable us to heal and delivers the real meaning of freedom.

“Theory and practise in meditation” 


3.30pm-6pm          Arrival and registration

7pm-8:45pm         Group meeting, introductions, set up of groups (5 people per   group)                 

              Ceremony ( Drum, sage, candle, chanting, fire….. ) 

9: 00pm       Showers, night preparation

9:30pm:       Sleep   


Day 1 –  


6:30am-7.45am     Not Compulsory      

                       Meditation – Tibetan cleanse breathing and start of silence and Yoga.

7:45am-8:15am     Day preparation.                             

8:15am-9:15am      Breakfast 

                                ( Sage clean energy)                          

9:15am-10:15am Ancient Taoist  breatharianism theory and practice. Pat on meridian / 7 Step breathing with mediation

                                Standing pile, Body Tapping Technique. Tai Qi.                       

10:15-10:45am       Jasmine explain meditation history and now, believing and trust.      

                                 Perfect health, Inherent joy , Initiation of Nature , called “Manual for Human Life” 

10:45-11:00am Morning Tea                        

11:00-12:00pm  Using 4 Elements to cleanse & energise, entering synchronised  

                                 harmony by the universal sound. Sharing theory and practice  Meditation. 

12:00-14:00            Lunch

                                Rest time / self-meditation


14:00-15:00     Yoga / mediation                                  

15:00-15:55         Sharing secret of 4 levels of Meditative meanings theory and  practice and entering 

                              profound peace,  Identify the limitations and formulate your soul and body. 

                             Theory and practice  meditation. 

                             How develop and contact heart to third  eye Energy / Chanting / Mudra meditation.  

                             Then discover three major head line energy activation and stimulation/ meditation。

16:00-16:30     Afternoon Tea / meditation

16:30-17:00     Group Tai Qi walking . Breathing/ chanting walking meditation

17:00- 17:30     Rest. Prepare for question time                            

17:30-18:30      Dinner                          


18:30- 19:00      Rest

19:00-20:00       Yoga / Share experiencing, Sound healing ceremony with meditation.

20:00- 20:30     Mantra Pranayama breathing technique before sleep to energy save. 

21:00             Sleep

Day 2 – 

6.30am-7:30am   Not Compulsory      

                        Meditation – Tibetan cleanse breathing and start of silence, and Kunfu.

7:30-8:15am          Day preparation. 

8:15-9:15am    Breakfast /meditation

                                ( Sage & Gong clean energy)

9:15-9:30am           Eyes and hands contact 

9:30- 10:30am    Tai Qi / Hen Ha gongfu /Yoga/ Daylight breathing – recharge                              

10:30-10:45am  Morning Tea

10:45- 12:15pm   Integration of Galaxy, Planets, Sun, Moon, Stars. Unification of the Universe with a liberating divine Sound.                  

                            Atlantis Halo, Pyramid energy, Pranayama meditation on meridian / Reiki / Acu-Point pressure/ Crystal Girds./meditation

                            major Pressure points in the physical body to help stimulate  energy.

12:15-13:15pm     Lunch / meditation 

13:15-14:00pm       Rest / self meditation  

14:00-15:45pm    Identifying with the secret of soothing Sounds within and beyond     

                             the “Who I am?” the unique, “Finding your Roots”   and the being 

                              of peace and harmony with all living spiritual souls. 

                             Sacred 4 words analyses : Sorry.  Forgivenes . Thank you . Love   you

                             Motivate the 7 chakras with mantra and mudra balance, Merkaba   

                              meditation  Aura,  Acu-Point pressure  and Essential oil of Arts 

                              techniques eg……                    

15:45-16:00pm    Afternoon Tea / Pai Da Technique.

16:00-17:00pm    Special Guest/ Arts meditation

                             Review all techniques, Lotus meditation. 

17:30- 18:30pm   Dinner 

                                Group sharing experience   

18:30pm                Pack up to check out / Departure


Day 3 –  .。。。。。。。。。。。。。。

Investment Details

Workshop Promotion  

General Inquiries and Bookings:


Early bird:

Including accommodation with 3 meals a day, and all retreat services.

Full price:

Full payment by

Please Ask,   Bank of details, When you are booking the retreat .

When: 4:00pm-7:00pm,  Registration



WhereGovinda Valley 

51 Lady Carrington Road , Otford NSW 2508  Australia

   Price includes accommodation and all retreat services

Contact:  Jasmine Wei

Mob: 0483 336 341 


  • Website:
  •  Benefit of Meditation
  • Boosts your immune system
  • Improves fertility
  • Improves stress-related conditions
  • Improves self-acceptance
  • Improves self-confidence
  • Improves your relationships
  • Improves creativity
  • Helps with pain relief
  • Improves concentration
  • Fosters a feeling of “wholeness”

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