Healing with Jasmine

About Jasmine

Jasmine Wei originates from north-west China and now resides in Sydney. Jasmine comes from a traditional Chinese background where family spiritual belief systems, the use of Qi energy and the knowledge of Traditional Chinese medicine have been passed down through the generations. 

As a practising Buddhist for more than 20 years and a Buddhist Meditation teacher, Jasmine has trained with wise Chinese masters in Reflexology techniques and Qi release, and is certified in several massage therapies, Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy, Tibetan Bowl (sound) therapy/teacher, NLP, TFT Algorithms, Angel Intuitive, Crystal Therapy and Orion-Theta Therapy. As a medium and psychic, Jasmine offers Spirit Guidance and Counselling and reads Tarot and Spirit Oracle/Angel Cards. 

Jasmine is extensively qualified, highly skilled and an intuitively gifted natural healer.

Jasmine’s combination healing energy treatments are intended to guide you toward your Inner Harmony. The ability to combine integrated energy and healing therapies have proven to be spiritual, healing, rejuvenating and strengthening for the body, mind and soul. Combination treatments are exclusively designed for individual needs allowing each person to return to their centre of balance and harmony and a life of sentience and oneness. 

Combining Chinese traditions with western and eastern alternative therapies, Jasmine has developed more holistic and integrated healing methods making her treatments intuitive, spiritual and effective. Jasmine is also qualified to teach several of the techniques she practices. She is a registered member of various associations in Australia. 
You are free to click on the names of the associations and which will take you to the official websites of those. 
1). Australia Association of Massage Therapists (Remedial Massage Therapist)              
3). IICT member  of Therapist and teacher
4). Maranta Sound Academy (Sound Massage Practitioner)
5). Academy Crystal Awakening (Crystal Therapist & Teacher)
6). Concord Yoga Studio (Meditation Teacher & Therapist)
7). Nature’s Energy  (Therapist)
Jasmine has also completed numbers of certificates in the related professions. Please click here to have a browse.