Foundations of Sound Healing

Learn how to use the Tibetan Bowls in your everyday life to restore balance and enhance relaxation





May 04th 2019




The Basics of the Tibetan Bowls

¨      Instructions for many of sound healing for Mind Body & Spirit

¨      Practical instructions for how to use the bowls, and history

¨      Learn how the bowls can cleanse and energise mind and body

¨      Develop concentration, and enhance relaxation & sensory experience

¨      Learn how to breathing with sound and healing


Applying the Bowls

¨      Using different bowls and vibrations on different parts of the body

¨      Releasing chronic pain and restoring emotional balance

¨      Learn how to use bowls protect  energy field and Aura






The Bowls and the Chakras

¨      Balancing the chakras with the bowls

¨      Vibrations and Sound Massage (with group healing)

¨      Cleansing space and enhancing awareness

¨      Base skills to help all kind of  relationships, surrounding and emotions



Workshop cost $260.


SPECIAL: Book in for workshop before 15th April with $80 deposit, 25th April full payment.  Repeat $116. (Non-Refundable but Transferable)


Wear comfortable clothing and bring a water bottle – you will need to drink plenty of fluids for the next 3 days.


If you are pregnant, or suffer from heart disease or high blood pressure, these workshops may not appropriate for you.


Bookings essential

Tina                                 Jasmine

0423 954 336             0483 336 341 

45 Carlton Crescent Kogarah Bay  NSW 2217

Group Healing Also Available

¨      Using the bowls for collective healing (couples, family members, friends)



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