Healing with Jasmine
I sustained a spinal injury in a car accident in late 2008. I was suffering from major depression and anxiety. I was being treated by a psychologist and a psychiatrist, and was unable to work for many months. I now possess a range of “tools” to help me deal with a range of life issues (physical health, mental health, family issues, work issues, relationship issues etc). The tools I have learnt include breathing techniques, chanting, various forms and techniques of meditation, physical exercises, research tools and tools that encourage me to view issues from an alternative perspective. I am able to use these tools daily to help me maintain calm and balance and help address my anxiety and depression. This reduces panic and fear. The tools, and the therapies, have also improved my physical condition. The muscle spasms in my back have been relaxed as have the tight deep muscles impacting on my spine. Jasmine provides massage which relieves acute pain including neck pain and headaches. Jasmine possesses a great gift of wisdom and healing. I am very grateful that I have come to be her student. I feel it to be a great blessing that she shares these gifts with me
Elv M
"Recently i was treated by Jasmine for my stiff shoulders.She conducts herself in very professional way.The has diagnosed the problem first and she carried out a massage which was very nicely done.Also i would like to notice that all her equipment was very clean and fresh.It was very enjoyable experience and i would highly recomend her services to anybody else with no hesitancy."
Peter D
"I had the pleasure to have a massage with Jasmine recently. Jasmine’s skill with massage was enhanced by her intuitive gift for nurturing. Jasmine’s use of her various modalities during the massage culminated in an amazing experience particularly her sound vibrational healing with the Tibetan brass bowls. Her healing touched me on a deeper level and stayed with me for several days after the treatment."
Laura V
I have known Jasmin Wei for the past 10 years. Jasmin is the most inspirational and supportive person I have had the pleasure of knowing. She is a friend for life. I met Jasmin Wei at the local massage place where she was working at the time. We immediately became friends for life. Not only does she have magic hands but she is a great listener and was able to identify the issues with my back and neck instantly. Jasmin is friendly, supportive, understanding, comforting and caring. She has provided me with advice on how to better look after myself by relaxing my mind and thinking positively as well as showing me how to complete my daily stretches. Jasmin has been able to support me in many ways throughout the last ten years. Jasmin has always been there for me through the tough times, without her I don’t think I could have made it through. With her massaging, reki, crystal healing and spiritual guidance and counseling I have not only returned to the person Jasmin first met but an even more powerful, positive person who has a different perspective on life. Jasmin has helped rejuvenate my spirit. Jasmin always makes time to help all her clients and friends with their needs, whether it be spiritual guidance, massage or just a friendly chat. It is a great honor to speak on Jasmin’s behalf. I have no hesitation in recommending Jasmin. I know she would be successful in any path she chooses and an asset to any business. Jasmin can be compared to a rare stone, there a few and far between.
Emma R
“I have known Jasmine since when I first attended her weekly meditation group. Since then, I have also met with her individually for Tibetan Bowls/Reiki/Wellbeing Package and more recently for Crystal Healing. Jasmine is a highly gifted therapist. The atmosphere which she creates is a safe haven. It is almost enchanting. Her knowledge seems to stem not only from understanding and experience but also from a depth of intuition and awareness I have not experienced before. After my sessions with Jasmine, I leave feeling a sense of relaxation, wellbeing and peace that I cannot achieve anywhere else. I am grateful to Jasmine for her wonderful skills and generous spirit. She is totally committed to increasing your health, happiness and wellbeing. I have learned a lot from her and look forward to continuing our work for healing and enlightenment.I highly recommend Jasmine with complete confidence and without any reservation.” with her individually for Tibetan Bowls/Reiki/Wellbeing Package and more recently for Crystal Healing.  

Trisha C
"After attending your clinic for regular Reiki treatment, I was surprised, and delighted at the additional positive effects this treatment had on the strength of the muscles in my abdomen, and back. The combination of sound therapy Tibetan Bowls/Reiki, acupressure, meditation and massage, which you employed rapidly and dramatically alleviated the ongoing pain in my lower-back, hip and thoracic areas. This had an immediate effect on the length and quality of sleep I was able to have; on increasing my mobility and on my study. As a full time student I was better able to focus as well as increase the hours during which I was able to sit. I particularly appreciate your approach to my treatment has dramatically benefitted the quality of my daily life far beyond my previous expectations, or those expressed by previous practitioners. Due to the extensive nature of the original injury I had come to accept a reduced quality of life as an inevitable consequence. The combination of traditional Chinese therapies with alternative therapies, which you have utilised, has benefitted me immensely. Please accept my thanks and good wishes for the ongoing success of your holistic healing clinic."
Helen S
"I am one of Jasmine Wei’s clients. I’ve visited her clinic a couple of weeks ago. She’s done massage, Tibetan bowls, and Reiki energy for me. I am doing my own business. So I have a lot of stress. My shoulder and back were always painful. After her 1st therapy, I felt very tired and thirsty. But I knew that means its working. So the 2nd time I started to relax and feel fresh. After that, I feel more and more energy comes into my body. Now I feel very good. Thanks Jasmine, and I will recommend her therapy to my friends who need."
Rebecca Z
"Jasmines healing sessions are just as they are called " healing". During her treatments you feel your body, mind and soul coming back into alignment. The results is a feeling of deep relaxation and clarity. Aches and discomfort disappear and my mind becomes calmer. Her massage gets into the places you need and the reiki and singing bowls seems to integrate the release at a deeper level so the effects feel long lasting."
Kylie H