Mantras & Mudras – Meditation Course

Join Jasmine for 4 x weekly sessions of blissful relaxation and the development of valuable new skills which can be incorporated into your daily life.

An opportunity to explore the power of Mantras (sacred sounds and words) and Mudras (hand and finger postures) to create focus and strength in your meditation practice.

Learn to influence particular aspects of your mind and spirit, to stimulate and nurture different parts of the body and direct the flow of energy.


·         Learn what is meditation and various meditation techniques, build your knowledge.

·         Discover the movement of energy and how to recharge and  balance your energy

·         develop a state of mindfulness and build positivity.

·         Learn sacred techniques to practice at home.


Course details :  

Time:         10:00am-3:00pm


Location:  Nature’s Energy Training Centre

                 at 51 Justin Street Lilyfield NSW 2040




Jasmine  0483 336 341


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