Microcosmic Orbit Meditation

Breathing & Movement of Energy Throughout the Body 

– Meditation workshop


Join Jasmine for one day session of blissful relaxation and the development of valuable new skills which can be incorporated into your daily life.

The practice is a simple one, and is designed to enhance your sense of well-being using techniques to balance the body and sooth the senses.  The course is suitable for regular meditators.  

  • Learn what is meditation and various meditation techniques, build your knowledge and review/ refine your practice.
  • Discover the movement of energy through 2 main and 12 the meridians of body, and how to recharge and  balance your energy using  your breath.
  • Learn to understand your body’s response to the movement of energy and breath. 
  • Improve the depth and quality of your breathing.
  • Develop a state of mindfulness and build positivity.
  • Improve your health and wash away insomnia, chronic pain and depression.
  • Learn sacred techniques to practice at home.

Workshop details are as follows:

Dates:         ( Saturday ) .

Time:          10:00am – 3:00pm

Location:   Nature’s Energy Training Centre 

                   at 51 Justin Street Lilyfield.




Jasmine  0483 336 341

Email: info@healingwithjasmine.com       www.healinwithjasmine.com

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