Crystal Love Workshop

Crystal Love Workshop

This August, open your arms and welcome the love in our life with the 2-hour transforming and inspiring Crystal Love Workshop with Jasmine Wei. According to the Tibetan Buddhist love philosophy, meeting the love of your life should be effortlessly, just like being in a state of flow. If you have done all the doing with no result and get frustrated as years passing by, maybe it is time to change the approach of become the “being”, so be the love magnet and attract the one into your life. As the magic healing effect of different crystals, during the workshop, you will use a range of crystals to learn:

 Setting a sacred space Medicine Drum Healing
 Inner Earth Crystal Deva Heart Chakra Meditation 
 What are crystals? Experience their energy 
 Clearing and Cleansing crystals 
 Programming and tuning crystals 
 Create emotional transformation Learn how to break past ties 
 Crystals related with love, romance  and relationships Crystal Balance 
 Crystal Healing  How to using crystals to bring love in  your life and more 

Coming workshop date:

Place: Letting Go Academy
            327 Woodpark Road, Smithfield NSW 2167
Time: 7.00am – 9.00pm
For bookings please contact: Jasmine Wei
Phone: 0483 336 341


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